Fall 2020 Letter from the President

Letter from the President


Let me start by talking about something very near and dear to my heart. The first time I read The Spirit of Curling creed, its simple message really hit home with me. This might be the first time you have seen The Spirit of Curling, and I consider that a failing on my part. This should be something everyone sees before their first long season, if not at their introduction to the sport. 


The Spirit of Curling

 “Curling is a game of skill and traditions. A shot well executed is a delight to see and so, too, it is a fine thing to observe the time-honored traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game. Curlers play to win but never to humble their opponents. A true curler would prefer to lose rather than win unfairly.”

“A good curler never attempts to distract an opponent or otherwise prevent another curler from playing his or her best.”

“No curler ever deliberately breaks a rule of the game or any of its traditions. But, if a curler should do so inadvertently and be aware of it, he or she is the first to divulge the breach.”

“While the main objective of the game is to determine the relative skills of the players, the spirit of the game demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honorable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice.”

I grew up an athlete and have competed at many different levels across many sports. Nowhere outside of curling have I seen such a simple, guiding principle that people within the sport take so seriously. This is why I love curling the way I do, and I try to carry this with me every time I take the ice.

All of this comes up now because we as a club, and curling community as a whole, are trying to figure out how to make curling work in the middle of a global pandemic. So many factors complicate the decisions that addressing everything borders on impossible. We will be changing how we run games, and making small alterations to play to keep people as safe as possible, though the heart of the game, The Spirit of Curling, will remain untouched. 

The Lone Star Curling Club will soon be taking the ice to begin our fall season. As part of that, we have announced guidelines on how to stay safe and prevent COVID transmission as much as possible. Most likely, any adjustments you see in our process and policies are temporary. Before you know it, we will be back to shaking hands and broomstacking like we are accustomed to. Until then, I hope everyone takes our new policies to heart, and understands that we are making changes to keep our curling family as safe as we can. 


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Darin Henley

President, Lone Star Curling Club

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