2021-22 Fee Schedule


Fee schedule

  Premier Membership


  Junior ($1125)

  Additional Family
   ($1350 )

  Unlimited leagues (subject to availability), free practice time

  Basic Membership


  Junior ($600)

  Additional Family

  One league at a time, free practice time

  Pay Per Play League Membership


  Leagues on demand, free practice time for the duration of the league

  Additional League games


  Subbing or other game opportunities

  Additional League games (for Basic members)


  Other game opportunities


Annual memberships paid online are subject to a service fee, please add the fee to the total paid.  Memberships paid via check/cash/Zelle are not subject to these fees.  You can reduce membership fees paid online by any instructor credit you are due.

Offline payments are via check (in person or send to the address below) or via Zelle (send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Lone Star Curling Club
9402 United Dr
Austin, TX 78758



We’ll offer leagues with different weekly durations throughout the year. We’re varying the length of the leagues to help drive new membership and increase long-term league participation. Each league scheduled (i.e., Tuesday night; Sunday morning) will have a minimum of 39 weeks available for play throughout the year. Weekday leagues (other than Friday) will have 2 available draw times. The earlier time will be used until teams are max’ed out; then teams will be added to the later time. Leagues will be capped at 8 and 16 teams for the 1 draw and 2 draw leagues respectively.

The Monday, Thursday, and Sunday Evening leagues are Developing Leagues, and are subject to having date and time changes based on Curl Austin events.

League Schedule 

League Schedule


Initial League Start

Initial League Weeks

Monday Night

6:30 / 8:30

September 6


Tuesday Night

6:30 / 8:30

September 7


Thursday Night

6:30 / 8:30

September 2


Friday Night


September 3


Sunday Morning


September 5


Sunday Night (Doubles)


September 5




Below are the pro-rated membership rates if you sign up later than September.

Month purchased







































Q:  If I have an annual membership, can I sub in leagues for free?

A:  If you have a Premier Membership, yes.  If you have a Basic membership and are not currently in a league, yes.  If you have a Basic Membership and are currently in a league, yes, but you will be limited in your subbing opportunities.


Q:  Can I use money I have paid to convert to a higher membership level?

A:  You can always pay the difference between the Basic and Premier memberships to bump up to Premier.


Q:  How can I use credits to pay for my membership?

A:  For any credits that are earned before you pay a fee, you can apply that credit.  For this season only, you can "apply" credits accrued through April 30, 2022 to fees already paid and get the credit repaid back to you (monthly).  After that, you must choose between a $35 cash payment or a $50 credit for future fees.


Q:  Are my credits transferable to other members?

A:  No


Q:  Can I change the weekday that I am curling under the Basic Membership?

A:  Yes, after your league finishes you can join any other league.


Q:  Will my games be moved if I sign up for a Developing League?

A:  The intent is not to move any games.  Curl Austin will try to avoid selling events that conflict with these leagues, but if they can't avoid it these games could be moved to the later draw time or another week.  We anticipate this will happen very infrequently and will make financial ammends for anyone who cannot attend a game because it was moved.

Upcoming Events

05 Jul 2022;
07:15PM - 09:15PM
June 2022 Tuesday Mini League
06 Jul 2022;
07:15AM - 09:15PM
June 2022 Wednesday Mini League
06 Jul 2022;
07:15PM - 09:15PM
Open Practice - 2 Sheets
08 Jul 2022;
01:00PM - 03:00PM
Open Practice - 4 Sheets
09 Jul 2022;
02:15PM - 04:15PM
Open Practice - 4 Sheets
10 Jul 2022;
12:00PM - 02:00PM
July 2022 Sunday Mini League
10 Jul 2022;
12:00PM - 02:00PM
Open Practice - 3 Sheets
12 Jul 2022;
07:15PM - 09:15PM
July 2022 Tuesday Mini League

League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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Lone Star Curling Club
9402 United Dr
Austin, TX 78758

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Lone Star Curling Club
9402 United Dr
Austin, TX 78758


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Lone Star Curling Club was founded in 2006, in Austin, Texas and we are an affiliate of the United States Curling Association.