COVID-19 Policy

Locker rooms will be available, but we encourage you to make good decisions. Ventilation is very limited in these small spaces, and this is a big risk factor. If you can change your clothes and shoes somewhere smarter, you should. Just please do not walk through the parking lot in your curling shoes. Your on-ice shoes should be indoor only to protect the playing surface.



  • Masks will be worn at all times while in the building, even on ice.
  • We are using contactless payments only. We will only accept credit card payments on site. 
  • Limit gathering before, during, and after games. Those sharing space outside of curling can obviously congregate here as well.
  • If you decide to broomstack following a match, please do so outdoors, or in a well-ventilated space, and spread out. You need a really big table for eight people. 
  • Sheets A and C will enter the ice at the lobby end. Sheets B and D will enter the ice at the zamboni end.
  • If you are sick, have a fever, expressing other symptoms, or even think you might be contagious, please stay home. This is not something we want to mess around with. 



  • During setup, maintain distance as much as possible. Please steer clear of the pebblers, and give them right of way.
  • When pebbling, please check the position of the other pebbler, and choose your sheet and travel direction accordingly.
  • Once the carts and rocks make it to the ice, and are unloaded at their sheet, the cart and rock handles need to be wiped down. There will be disinfectant wipes with each cart. If you feel like you need to wipe them down before moving the cart or removing rocks from the cart, please feel free to do so.



  • We will have three and four person teams, but we will allow only one sweeper on any throw. On a four person team, the non-sweeper can time rocks, and communicate weight calls to the sweeper and skip. Individual teams will determine their own roles. We will not be switching sweepers as the rock travels down the ice.
  • We will begin play at alternating ends. Sheets A and C will begin at the lobby end. Sheets B and D will begin at the zamboni end.
  • Please do not handle any rocks or equipment other than your own. Pushing  any rock with your foot or broom is just fine.
  • We will not be sharing equipment. If you use a stabilizer, the club has many to offer. However, only you will be allowed to use it for that session. You might consider bringing your own with identifying markers, and otherwise understand that the club only has so many to loan out in a given session.
  • Pre-game handshakes, or even fist or elbow bumps, are off the table. Give your opponent a simple, “Good curling,” and kick-off the game. 
  • Only one player should sweep the rock before the T-Line. The opposing skip can sweep the rock behind the T-Line, and the throwing skip should give him space to do so.
  • Only one skip should be in the house at a time. The skip not calling the shot should wait behind the hack. We are allowing defensive sweeping behind the T-Line, but please communicate with the opposing skip to allow for plenty of distance.
  • Teams should limit all non-shot movement to one side of the ice. Each team will use one side the entire match. Please be cautious of the match next to you, and keep as clear of them as you can.
  • The skip that begins with the hammer will be the only player to touch the scoreboard.



  • Please put your rocks back on the correct cart at the end of the match. If you need help lifting the rocks to the cart, please leave them.
  • If you are lifting rocks other than your own back to a cart, please wipe them down. Carts will have wipes on them.
  • Please maintain distance as we clear the ice. 
  • Please exit the ice on the same side you entered from.
  • To give ourselves time to clear the ice without rushing compromising safety protocols, we are changing policy to not starting new ends 20 minutes before we need to be off the ice.



Please inform the president at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will do everything we can to protect your identity. If you know how you contracted it, and the timing of it, please keep us informed. We only have minimal ability to contact trace for club members, but we would like to keep everyone as informed as possible.

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