2023 Lone Star Open Bonspiel Draw Schedule

For the first two games, the team listed first will throw red stones and have hammer.  For the 3rd game and playoff games, teams will flip a coin as usual.

After each team's second game, each player on the team will throw an LSD stone, cumulative distance from the button will be used for tie-breakers in seeding the playoff portion of the bonspiel.  Seeding will be by record, then by LSD.  Seeds will be adjusted within a division to prevent teams having a rematch in the semi-finals.


   Sheet A  Sheet B  Sheet C  Sheet D
4:30p    Take Out for Show, Draw for Dough  Best In Show  Meme Squad
     Animal House  You Want It Where  Spice Curls
6:45p  Part-timers  Team Maas  The B-Team  Team Byzinski
   Drinks are on you  Taken for Granite  Is This Normal?  Crab People
9:00p  94 Lillehammerheads  Three Noobs and a Geezer  Watkins  
   Team Metcalf  Curl Jam  Drawing a Blank  
  Sheet A  Sheet B  Sheet C  Sheet D
8:30a  You Want It Where  Spice Curls  Crab People  Animal House
   The B-Team  Best In Show  Take Out for Show, Draw for Dough  Part-timers
11:00a  Curl Jam  Drinks are on you  Taken for Granite  Team Metcalf
   Meme Squad  94 Lillehammerheads  Three Noobs and a Geezer  Team Maas
1:30p  Drawing a Blank  You Want It Where  Spice Curls  Is This Normal?
   Team Byzinski  Crab People  Part-timers  Watkins
4:30p  Best In Show  The B-Team  Animal House  Take Out for Show, Draw for Dough
   Three Noobs and a Geezer  Team Metcalf  Curl Jam Taken for Granite
6:45p  Team Maas Meme Squad  Team Byzinski  Drinks are on you
   Is This Normal?  Watkins  94 Lillehammerheads  Drawing a Blank
9:00p  E Friendly    E Friendly  
   Sheet A  Sheet B  Sheet C  Sheet D

 A semi (1 v 4)


Drawing a Blank

 B semi (2 v 3)

94 Lillehammerheads

Taken For Granite

 A semi (2 v 3)

Meme Squad

Best in Show

 B semi (1 v 4)

Take Out For Show, Draw for Dough



 D semi (1 v 4)


Crab People

 D semi (2 v 3)


3 Noobs and a Geezer

 C semi (1 v 4)



 C semi (2 v 3)

Animal House

Where Do You Want It

1:30p  C final  A final  B final  D final



Team Club Skip Vice Second Lead
You Want It Where Houston Greg Major Don Huggins Ish Segovia Sara Witing
Drawing a Blank Dallas / Houston Rex Foster Nolan Clark Jessica Clark Tim Cannon
94 Lillehammerheads Houston Jennifer Reeves David Stigant Carl Schaeper Billy/Kelly Reynolds
Team Metcalf Dallas / Ogden Ryan Metcalf Jesse Waldecker Phil Blitz David Olson
Part-timers St. Paul / Dallas Reuben Harris Sidney Harris Scott Clark Tara Harris
Curl Jam Houston Kenny Leon Grant Tabor Teresa Otto Chandler Murray
Watkins Dallas Gregory Watkins Dominic Granello Nick Scarlata Brad Ray
Animal House Lone Star Joe Glaeser Darin Henley Alyssa Roetheli Tim Dean
Is This Normal? Houston Brandon Quigley Greg Turvey Alex Blueblond Christine Zablocki
Take Out for Show, Draw for Dough Lone Star Landon Russell Caitlin Roetheli Erik Broehuis Midori Tanaka
Dr Rock and the Sweepers Houston David Moy Gerard Czarnecki Joshua Doe Mark Harris
Crab People Potomac Luke Thomason Jennifer Martinelli Steve Kaltenbaugh TBD
Three Noobs and a Geezeer Granite City Duane Rutan Valerie Halff Cody Halff TBD
Spice Curls Houston Julie Segovia Alyssa Parks Heather Cook Jessica Bostwick
Team Maas Lone Star Ryan Maas Adam Chappell Jumie Yuventi William Anastassiou
Best In Show Lone Star Justin Curless Brian Barker Will Best Ken Poklitar
Meme Squad Lone Star Colin Koppen Abe Arillaga Daniel Zinni Quinn Hoinoski
The B-Team Lone Star Michael Simpson Gary Newgord Zac Grantham Odin Newgord
Team Byzinski Lone Star / Plainfield Derek Byzinski Marilyn McNeil Henry Byzinski James Hicks
Drinks are on you Lone Star Kyle Anderman Lindsey Schmidt Dawn Bria Anthony Martinez


The Lone Star Curling Club was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas and we are a member of USA Curling

We curl at
The Pond Hockey Club
9402 United Dr
Austin, TX 78758

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